BMF Cumulative Return Percentage

Our goal is to outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing in a secular bull market, while maximizing your investment returns during any market condition. We also focus on preservation of capital during potentially unstable market periods.

Our methodology of selecting appropriate allocations of High-$-Volume Exhange Traded Funds (ETFs) consistently outperforms the natural growth of the S&P 500 Index (i.e., a solid benchmark index).

Year Our Return S&P Return
2016 162.25 % 99.41 %
2015 139.3 % 89.87 %
2014 114.69 % 90.6 %
2013 93.46 % 79.21 %
2012 70.38 % 49.61 %
2011 51.58 % 36.2 %
2010 43.04 % 36.23 %
2009 24.36 % 23.45 %

Results (shown above) are based on a "fixed" amount of capital (i.e., non compounded). Yearly results calculated by the arithmetic computation method are derived by the summation of individual investment returns and dividing the total by the number of investment periods.

Individual trades for previous years can be found in the member's area in Excel and PDF format (for subscribers only).

About BMF

BullMarketFunds was started by a team of scientists with backgrounds in earth sciences, finance and physics using machine learning to find the best possible entry and exit points of the highest volume ETFs. Our proprietary strategy is based on this research.

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